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Memorial Service at Tatoi

HRH Prince Nikolaos visits Pakistan with Tracey Curtis-Taylor

The annual memorial service in honor of King Pavlos and Queen Frederika was held earlier today, March 5th 2016, at Tatoi cemetery.

HM King Constantine was accompanied by HM Queen Anne-Marie, HRH Crown Prince Pavlos, HRH Prince Nikolaos, HM Queen Sophia of Spain and HRH Princess Irene. Several members of staff who had served the late King Pavlos and Queen Frederika were also present.

The ceremony was led by the Most Reverend Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Mr.Ieronymos, assisted by Their Excellencies the Metropolitan Bishops of Kaisarianis, Vironos and Imitou Mr. Daniil, Mesogaias and Lavreotikis, Mr. Nikolaos and Father Patrikios Koleodis.

British aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor is honoring Amy Johnson and her epic solo flight to Australia in 1930 which astounded the world, by recreating the journey from Great Britain to Australia. This is also paying tribute to the many courageous pioneering aviators of the 1920's and 30's who prepared the way for air travel as we know it today.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor will fly in a vintage biplane type 1942 Boeing Stearman realizing a trip that will take nearly 13,000 miles and 50 re-fueling stops before landing to the final destination in Australia. In one of the stops in Pakistan, H.R.H. Prince Nikolaos joined the pilot and co-travelled with her in a three-hour flight from Gwadar to the airport of Karachi on November 17th.

HRH Princess Tatiana receives the TELVA Magazine Solidarity Award

Below you will find links and information to institutions within which HM King Constantine has a longstanding, active role.

round squareThe Round Square schools

Round Square embraces an international group of schools, which share a commitment to the educational principles of Dr Kurt Hahn. HM King Constantine is a co-founder, Patron and President of the Round Square Board.


IOC logo_360The International Olympic Committee

The Olympic Movement, the ideals and history of the Olympic Games, are very close to His Majesty's heart. He is the second longest serving Honorary Member.

ISAF logo_360ISAF

His Majesty's love for sailing is well known. His presence and unfailing dedication to ISAF since 1960 confirm that he is committed to serving the sport on land as he did on water. His Majesty is President of Honour and Member of the Executive Board.