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Speech delivered by HM King Constantine at the 2015 Round Square Conference
12 October 2015

RS logo 2015RS logo 2015 The 2015 Annual International Round Square Conference was hosted by UWC South East Asia, in Singapore between 2nd and 8th of October.

The Round Square students were called to consider and make suggestions on the creation of a sustainable future. This years' theme was: "Act today, Change tomorrow".

HM King Constantine delivered the following speech on the Opening Ceremony:

Act today, Change tomorrow

2,500 years ago the great Chinese philosopher Confucius said "What I hear l forget. What I see I remember. What I do I understand"

It was true then as it is now. Education focuses on listening and watching. The Round Square schools focus on doing. That is how we create change.

At Round Square, our thoughts are with the leaders of tomorrow. But our tomorrows - your tomorrows - need effective solutions today.

As compared to the human tragedy that is affecting the whole of Europe, including my own country - the mass migration of peoples across borders - the great poet Kahlil Gibran said "The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention." We all have good intentions.
But these alone will not change the environment, bring equality, nurture hardship or foster peace. It is not the intention of doing something good, but actually getting up and making it happen that will.

On the eve of Round Square's 50th anniversary, as we look forward to the next 50 years and beyond, it is fitting that we gather together to plan for a more sustainable future, considering how we might live within our means for the benefit of future generations.

To delegates of this conference I have three requests to make:

Round Square community: I ask you to join the debate as we consider the challenges and opportunities ahead for our organisation. We have a shared objective to develop and grow our network in a way that is sustainable and allows it to flourish.

Adults: Cherish this chance to learn from each other, and from your students. I trust that you will guide and support their discoveries, and hope that you will make some discoveries of your own.
Forge lasting, lifelong friendships and connections, share ideas and insights for the future benefit of all.

Students: Above all this is your conference. Enjoy this opportunity to meet and get to know your peers from around the world. Seek out your similarities, understand your differences, and together with them accept and prepare for your shared destiny to be the future guardians of human society and the global environment.