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Speech delivered by HM King Constantine at the second part of the 2014 Round Square Conference
08 October 2014

RS 2014The 2014 Annual International Round Square Conference was hosted this year by two members of the Round Square Schools:
the Sanskaar Valley School in India, and the King's Academy in Jordan.

HM King Constantine delivered the following speech earlier today at the Opening Ceremony of the Conference at the King's Academy on this year's theme: "Peace"


Welcome to the continuation of the Round Square 2014 International Conference.

For this second part of this year's two venue conference we are fortunate to be hosted in the wonderful surroundings of King's Academy in Jordan, and I am delighted to be able to join you for part of this week's programme.

Never was a conference theme more appropriate than the message of Peace that surrounds this gathering. The symbolism of the olive tree in the conference imagery with branches that reach out and intertwine is utterly appropriate for this time, this place and this organisation.

Together we have built a tremendous network whose schools, teachers and students collaborate and support each other on so many levels to reach out to, work and learn with, communities both at home and throughout the world.

The olive tree is a universal symbol, it signifies endurance and victory but also truce and peace.

As I am sure many of you know, the victorious athletes of the Ancient Olympic Games were crowned with an olive wreath, reminding them that honor, not wealth, is the highest prize.

In today's world, to honor one another, is key. True and lasting peace is brought when we honor our differences, not eliminate them. When we honor traditions, boundaries, freedom and life.

This has been the center of our focus since the beginning of the Round Square. We honor our executives, we honor the teachers, we honor the parents and we honor the students.

So adults, please use your time at this conference to build supportive and collaborative relationships with your fellow educators that will enable you to grow and develop the learning experience for your students, like branches of the olive tree, beyond the boundaries and the capabilities of your own school alone.

Students, do not forget for a second that this week is for you. It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your young lives. Fully absorb every experience, build bridges, make peace and forge relationships that may well become lifelong friendships.

In closing, I urge you to attend the relevant meeting when the report is given to your governors at school.
Above all, celebrate your diversity, promote peace and harmony, and learn from each other.