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Speech delivered by HM King Constantine at the first Round Square Conference for 2012
04 April 2012

round square_nairobi_logoThe following speech was delivered by HM King Constantine at the Opening Ceremony of the Round Square Conference at Brookhouse College, Nairobi, Kenya on April 3rd 2012


This is for me a happy occasion as it is a sad one.

Happy, because I am back in the African continent and especially here in Kenya, where I have not been since the 1996 Conference at Starehe School.

It is a sad time, because our great friend and Founder Director, Jocelin Winthorp Young, passed away on February 8th.

He was my tutor as a small boy and my headmaster when I was in boarding school. Strict but fair, Jocelin Winthorp Young was a true gentleman. He loved Round Square Schools and we owe him our thanks and gratitude.

Please all stand for one minute silence in his memory.

I think of this part of Africa as a reflection of our entire world:

A microcosm from which the core energies and instincts which drive humanity to develop and excel. A hub of Nature's dynamics. This is where Life's principles and failings are mapped. Whatever is able to hide in the rest of the world or whatever we fail to acknowledge, we find here.

Here, I am surrounded by History, ancient and deep, and I am reminded that we are one.

Here I see poverty a breath away from wealth and progress, and I am convinced that education is their divider and that this can be the only connector.

Here I feel the pain, so powerful, and wonder how many layers it bears in the rest of the world.

Here I bow to the Pride of the land and its people, bold and graceful, yet I fear that pride and violence are two sides of the same coin.

Here, I see happiness that overcomes need as much as I realize the need for happiness.

Here I live close to Nature, as if I am returning to a forgotten home.

And as I stand here, hopeful and grateful for the incredible work that the students and Brookhouse College have achieved for their community, I am reminded that without co-existence, there can be no existence. 


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