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ISAF Annual Awards ceremony
17 November 2001

ISAF LOGOThe following speech was given by His Majesty King Constantine at the annual awards ceremony of the International Sailing Federation, which took place in Lisbon from the 9th to the 17th of November 2001.

"Mr. President, welcome to our federation. Your beautiful country is steeped in sailing history, having launched several of the world's leading seafaring explorers.

From past personal experience, Mr. President, I know how busy a head of state is. That you took the time to honor us with your presence gives us all a feeling that what we are trying to achieve here is worthwhile. Maybe in return we can ask the President of our federation to teach you to sail. And if you already know how to sail, perhaps you can persuade him to fix any problems with your plumbing?

King Constantine chairs the Annual Round Square Conference
28 September 2001

round squareHM King Constantine chaired the Annual Round Square Conference, which took place in Alice Springs Australia from the 22nd to the 28th of September 2001.

King Constantine is the Founder, Patron and Chairman of Round Square, an international group of 52 schools from the five continents.

In the speech he delivered in front of 400 students and numerous other delegates, King Constantine referred to the events of September 11th and said:

"No one in this room can be left untouched by the horrendous events of the 11th of September. I am sure personally each one of you is trying to make sense of the needless violence and ever-increasing death toll. I know I cannot. Perhaps I never will.

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