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Press Release - 25/11/2013
25 November 2013

K- monogram copyAs a Greek, I am delighted to observe the efforts made towards the recovery of the Greek economy, so that the people, -who have sacrificed and are still sacrificing so much-, can free our country from the harsh supervision of our lenders.

But I was deeply saddened when three young Greeks lost their lives due to intolerance and blind fanaticism.

Any party which undertakes, -or encourages others to undertake-, actions which do not abide to the Constitution, should not be part of the Parliament.

I also make a heartfelt plea to each and every Greek to passionately devote themselves towards the extinction of such fanaticism.

These phenomena and images are offensive to Greek history and to the representation of our country abroad.

My hope is that all Greeks stand united in an effort to isolate and to resolve any offensive actions and every occurrence of violence, wherever these may stem from.

Constantine R.