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Press Release - 25/11/2013
25 November 2013

K- monogram copyAs a Greek, I am delighted to observe the efforts made towards the recovery of the Greek economy, so that the people, -who have sacrificed and are still sacrificing so much-, can free our country from the harsh supervision of our lenders.

But I was deeply saddened when three young Greeks lost their lives due to intolerance and blind fanaticism.

Any party which undertakes, -or encourages others to undertake-, actions which do not abide to the Constitution, should not be part of the Parliament.

Announcement 10/07/2013
10 July 2013

K- monogram copyHis Majesty King Constantine was treated for infection of the urinary tract at the beginning of the week and was released from Biokliniki Clinic earlier today.

A follow-up check might be required at a later date.

His Majesty would like to thank Dr. Pantazis Kyriazis and the nursing staff at Biokliniki Clinic for their attendance and care.


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