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Queen Olga harbored great respect and affection for the Greek army. She respected the sacrifices and hardships which the Greek soldiers underwent and took great pride in the victories of the Greek Army during the Balkan wars. Throughout her lifetime, she took care of "the soldiers of my Greece", as she called the Greek soldiers.

During the Balkan wars the Queen and the Princesses traveled to fighting units and handed out shirts, socks and blankets to soldiers. She showed great concern for soldiers who were wounded and who were transferred to hospitals that she had founded. She treated their wounds, in an effort to relieve their pain and helped their families both financially and morally.


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During the unfortunate war of 1897, the need for care of the wounded soldiers became imperative. In order to assist the hospitals' efforts Queen Olga established the "Auxiliary Military Hospital" at the home of Alexander Mavros.

Both the Queen and her daughter Princess Maria worked in the hospital.



Her main contribution to the Greek army was the creation of a military cemetery next to the First Athenian Cemetery. She requested the land from the municipality of Athens and funded a sculpture of a large marble cross at the entrance of the cemetery, which read "be faithful unto death and I will give you the Crown of Life."

Additionally, she assumed the cost of creating a marble cross bearing the name of every soldier who lost his life in the battlefield "in order...", as she put it "for their mothers to locate their children's tombs, when they come from the village!". Being a mother herself with children at the front, she knew that this would be of some relief to the parents of the soldiers who lost their lives at war.