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After the liberation of the Greeks from the Turkish rule, the European garments tended to replace the traditional Greek costumes. While traveling to the province Queen Olga noted, as her secretary Ioulia Carolou later described , that people are beginning to adopt "... ridiculous parts of the European seasonal fashion and to thus corrupt the local national costumes...". Wishing to "rescue" the costumes the Queen brought from London (1912 -1913) 42 porcelain dolls which she sent to mayors around Greece. The Queen's request was to have them dressed per couple with the traditional local costumes (bridal etc)

In 1914 during the First World War, Queen Olga was "trapped" in Russia. In one of her letters to Ioulia Carolou she asked her to donate the dolls to the Lyceum of Greek Women, which was known for its contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage.

As mentioned in Ioulia Carolou's book, the Queen asked about the dolls until the end of her life. "How are my Greek dolls? I wouldn't think that they would be left in the Lyceum to be eaten by moths!"

Today, 23 of the dolls are exhibited at the Museum of the History of Greek Costume.