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The multi-faceted charitable work of Olga, the first Queen of the Hellenes

olgaThe King George and Queen Olga arrived in Greece on November 11, 1867. Taking into consideration the increased needs of the Greek people the royal couple requested from the Greek Government to not make any expenses for the celebrations of the Queen's arrival. King George stated in a relevant telegram: "... It would give us much pleasure, should the alloted amount be donated elsewhere, in accordance to Greece's great calamities, which we must relieve...".

It was indeed a time of great "calamities" for Greece was a newly established state which lacked basic infrastructure and faced serious social and economic problems. The Queen was aware that from the beginning of her reign she should devote all her efforts to helping the Greek people, and so she did until the end of her life.

From the first days of her reign, she undertook important and necessary projects. The young Queen's main concern was the relief of the Greek People, the cultivation of national consciousness, the emergence of the role of women in Greek society and the strengthening of Orthodoxy. Her presence and her contribution to the hard times that Greece faced (Greco-Turkish War, Balkan Wars) was constant and it was invaluable.

Her daily occupation included charitable activities, which she financed, mostly from her own funds. As her personal secretary, Ioulia Karolou, recounts in her book, from the amount of 6,000 rubles that the Queen received per month as dowry from the Royal Family of Russia 4,000 were committed to her charity work and the remaining 2,000 were intended to cover her personal expenses (staff payments, etc), although as her secretary confesses, this amount was often used for anonymous charitable donations.

Queen Olga's work, her modesty and her faith made her very popular.

The tribute presented below summarizes the main part of the multifaceted work of the first Queen of the Hellenes.


queen olga__evagellismos_1884_finalQueen Olga's aid to the Health sector queen olga__filekpt_etairiaEducational Institute
of Athens
queen olga__2_vrefokomeio_athinonPublic Nursery
of Athens


 queen olga__prosgiges_kritis_finalRefugees
from Crete
 queen olga___1_evaggelioQueen Olga's contribution to Orthodoxy  vizantino mouseio_finalFounding of the Byzantine & Christian Museum


queen olga__Stratiotiko_nosokomeio_2Queen Olga's aid to the Greek Army queen olga__4_laografika_stoiheiaPreservation of the cultural heritage queen olga__3_efiveionJuvenile reform institution “Efivion Averof”


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