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The Anna-Maria Foundation was established in 2003, when the Greek state reimbursed the royal family for the appropriation of their property. When, in the course of the court case, it became evident that the Government opted for compensation rather than the return of the property, King Constantine repeatedly stated, that whatever the amount ordered by the Court, this would be donated in its entirety for the creation of a Foundation, so as to return it to the Greek people.

Since 2004, the non-profit service company Anna-Maria, operates in Greece via which the projects are carried out. The official registration of the Foundation is in Lichtenstein (charity number: FL-0002.094.445-2).

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Board of Directors

HM Queen Anne-Marie

HRH Princess Alexia

HRH Crown Prince Pavlos
HRH Prince Nikolaos
HRH Princess Theodora
HRH Prince Philippos
HRH Prince Hassan of Jordan
Mr F. N. De Klerk
Mrs Mary Robinson
Mr Spiros Metaxas


To provide aid to regions or groups of people who have suffered damages due to natural disasters.


The Foundation's objective is vast, due to the array of natural disasters in Greece (earthquakes, floods, frost, heat waves etc).

Thus, the first necessary step was to record all the mechanisms and organizations which operate after such incidents, so as not to overlap with existing efforts.

Another important parameter is to ensure that the projects undertaken by the Anna-Maria Foundation do not infringe upon the activities of the local authorities and other boards.

More information on the specific projects undertaken will be posted on the Anna-Maria Foundation web site, which is currently under construction.

Q&As on the Anna-Maria Foundation

1. How can I help?

The Foundation's web site, which will be re-launched soon, will host details of the projects undertaken and the ways in which one can volunteer to assist.

2. Does the Foundation have offices in Greece?

King Constantine has granted use of his Personal Office in Athens to accommodate the Anna-Maria Foundation.

3. How can I receive aod from the Foundation?

The Anna-Maria Foundation is focused on providing help to groups of people or areas which have been hit by natural disaster, in Greece. Please use the following email/ postal address:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
P.O.Box 51577, 145 03, Athens, Greece